Streamline Your Inbound Integrations
CaptainHook: A Powerful Middleware For Webhooks

Send a single inbound request to multiple endpoints, track delivery responses, and offer tools to simplify the development and debugging workflows to your team.

Webhook Splitter

Popular development platforms like Twilio, Sendgrid, Salesforce, and many more offer webhook functionality for real-time updates. But only to one single endpoint. What if you need your data in two or more places? Don't worry, CaptainHook handles this out of the box. It is what it was created for after all.

Delivery Monitoring

Since webhooks usually drive mission critical behaviors its important to ensure they work as expected. CaptainHook automatically tracks the delivery success and response times so you can esnure even 3rd party integrations are behaving as expected. Obviously you can easily inspect error cases.

Developer Console

Developing and debugging webhooks is a nightmare especially when dealing with 3rd party APIs. Just ask your team. With every processed request, your developers can inspect requests and responses in real time. This adds the transparency needed to make the work less daunting so you can ship confidently.